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Enter Mutually Beneficial Value-Based Contracts with Your Providers
Improve Care and Lower Avoidable Costs Among Your Patient Population by Better Aligning with Your Providers in Managing Risk

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Payers and Providers are Not Well Aligned on the Transition to Value-Based Contracts
As reimbursements decline and operational risks increase, payers need primary care providers to improve quality and reduce avoidable medical costs for their patients
Primary care providers lack full transparency into the outcomes and cost of their patients, and are uncertain of their ability to manage patient outcomes, making them reluctant to enter into risk-bearing contracts
The lack of shared, accurate, and holistic data on patients make it difficult for the two sides to craft and execute on mutually-beneficial value-based contracts that improve patient care and lower avoidable medical costs


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MediQuire is developing a transparent and fair exchange for payers and their contracted providers to design, negotiate and track successful, equitable, and customizable risk contracts that benefit all parties. Interested in learning more?
How We Help Payers and Providers Transition to Value-Based Contracts


Shared Data Creates Holistic and Accurate Record of Patient Health

MediQuire combines clinical EHR data, claims data, and other important data sources, such as social determinants of health, to get the full picture of patient health, providing the foundation for mutually beneficial value-based contracts


More Accurate and Predictive Analytics and Risk Modeling

MediQuire's powerful analytics and predictive risk modeling allow for accurate risk scoring, and customizable, targeted risk contracts (e.g. disease specific bundled payments, single entity claims shared savings, etc...)


Monitor the Performance of Your Value-Based Contracts

We provide real time tracking and analysis of your portfolio of risk-contracts via our patient API, which takes into account both claims and clinical EHR data


Tools to Ensure Your Providers Succeed

MediQuire's intuitive tools help your providers better understand patient risk, improve patient outcomes, and lower overall medical costs

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